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Are you confident that your company is protected against a cyber attack? Cyber crime is disastrously serious – if your business is not proactive and innovative in your approach to stopping data theft, it is not a matter of “if” you become a victim, but “when.”

NTP is your cybersecurity information and network technology partner focused on proactively safeguarding your data and minimizing vulnerability – because computer and network systems “protection” alone is not enough anymore.

24/7 Threat Monitoring

NTP provides a scalable, always-on, security solution tailored to your network, policies, and key performance indicators (KPI), alleviating costly cap-ex. With real-time network visibility and tools, we eliminate the white noise and illuminate anomalies for investigation and remediation.

Our security team provides 24/7 Enterprise Monitoring with Active Threat Hunting to quickly detect, validate, and eradicate threats within your environment.

Attackers reside within a network for an average 146 days before detection.


of small buisnesses fail within 6 months of a breach


15 Seconds

there is a new cyber attack


of all cyber crime is a result of human error

About NTP

So Much More Than Cyber Security

For over 20 years, NTP has provided cutting-edge, real-time cybersecurity and information technology to small businesses, mid-sized organizations,  and Fortune 500 companies that want advanced security with a personal touch.

We get to know you and your business goals and become invested in helping your business stay secure. Nothing compares to a multi-layered approach with personal attention, the latest, customizable cybersecurity solutions, and the most reputable cyber intelligence partners in the industry.


ARGISS is our proprietary cybersecurity solution that blends the best security and intelligence capabilities the industry has to offer.

We utilize next-gen technology, human investigation, a curated library of best-practice tools, and trusted advisory services, including FBI connections, to keep your data safe while meeting strict compliance and regulatory requirements.

NTP’s advanced system, customized to your business, can give you peace of mind and the capacity to focus on the business of your business rather than whether your data is safe.